Jack stands in the middle of a wooden walkway surrounded by green grass as he kisses Amy as the rain pours down at Balme

Pre-Wedding Portfolio


Pre-Wedding Portfolio


Tony holds Fred's hand as he leads her from the top of a cliff down into the bay near Aberdeen


Creative, fun & Authentic Photography


So, if you're all about authentic, heartfelt photos that tell your love story just the way it happened, then hey, I might just be a perfect match!


Let's chat about how we can make some magic together on your big day.

A creative pre wedding shoot photo of a couple looking in opposite directions with a graffitied wall as a backdrop
Iain and Lisa sit in a field of tall grass and snuggle up together
an engaged couple stand on sand dune as the wind blows her jacket and the sun shines through a cloud with blue skies
a man leans his fiancé over to kiss her standing on the cliffside of the rugged Scottish coastline of Aberdeen
a beam of light pierces throw a hole in the wall of an Aberdeen car park to illuminate the faces of a cuddling couple.
a couple sit with their backs on the wall of a car park between the lines of the parking space
through a yellow rail on the top of a car park an engaged couple snuggle together
a couple lean on the bow of a colourful boat laughing in the play park at Aberdeen beach on their pre wedding shoot
a couple both wearing white lean against a wall on a bright sunny day
Lorren looks back at Levi as he hugs her from behind as they stand in front of a colourful wall of different shapes
a man leans into his fiancé touching noses almost about to kiss as he holds her arm
a couple look into the camera in the middle of the frame surrounded by a green bush at Johnston gardens in Aberdeen
Lisa sits between Ians legs as they laugh and sit on a dirt track in the Aberdeenshire country
Cammy hugs his fiancé as they are framed in a river flowing off into the distance
a couple stand on a hill in this landscape shot wit Clachnaben in the background
a couple walk through a field of long grass as they hold hands on their pre wedding shoot
a man gives his fiancé a piggyback along the beach in gardenstown, Aberdeenshire
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