Layflat Wedding Albums

A luxury wedding album lies one on a table with flowers and a candle

Seriously Awesome Albums...

I've made this too easy! You've got two options; either leave it completely with me and I’ll do the selection, design, etc., or, you can use the easy to follow features of your digital gallery to "Like", then drag and drop photos to create your album. We can go over things and make any changes necessary before sending to print. Easy-peasy!

A women enjoys a coffee as she views her luxury wedding album

Made Easy

There really is no better way to enjoy your story than with a luxury, lay-flat wedding album that you can pick up and flick through. Thick pages, with inkwork that will make your eyes pop! A well designed album can transport you back to your big day in an instant. Feel free to pop round and see one for yourself.

I’ve put my name to these, so I make sure you get nothing but the best. Extremely high quality, thick, matt pages that really sing with my style of photos. These albums are made to last a lifetime and are unlike most of the distinctly average albums you can buy online that leave you with flat looking images. Something this important deserves to be done right!


a wedding album lays open showing a page full of fun dancing photos


1. Luxury Velvet Wedding Album

30 x 30cm Album



a women sits turning the pages of a wedding album


2. Luxury Suede Wedding Album

30 x 30cm Album



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