A couple have their first dance on a dark dance floor wihich is illuminated with pink lights at Errol park wedding venue

Wedding Portfolio



I've been lucky enough to snap some amazing moments at weddings over the years

My main mission is to give you a visual tale of the day that's as unique as you are. I'm all about that real, raw vibe – none of that stiff, over posed stuff. Nope, I want every frame to feel authentic or fun, so when you look back at your pics, it's like you're right back in the middle of the action.

From the second I show up at a wedding, I'm on high alert for those special shots. Every laugh, every tear, every stolen glance – they're all little treasures just waiting to be documented. I never take those glimpses for granted. For me, each second of a wedding day is a chance to craft something truly one-of-a-kind for you.

a bride wearing her white wedding dress is held by her husband as they stand next to a flowing river in Thor valley in Iceland
a bride and groom stand against a blue beach hut at tinhorn beach looking in different directions with the sea behind them


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So, if you're all about authentic, heartfelt photos that tell your love story just the way it happened, then hey, I might just be a perfect match!


Let's chat about how we can make some magic together on your big day.

A bride laughs as her husband grabs the wedding cake and pretends to take a big bite out of the top of it
a groom wearing a suit spins his wife around outside a parking garage in Aberdeen
Bride and groom stand at the end of a corridor in the Aberdeen Art Gallery kissing under a large light
bride and groom stand at the edge of the cliffs at Dunnottar Castle with blue Sky in the background
bride and groom wear sunglasses and dance for the wedding photographer
Bride gives the wedding photographer the thumbs up as she sits on her horse
Groom looks back at his wife as the walk through a field of long grass
Married couple walk across bride with sun flares hitting the wedding photographers lens
bride and groom sit on top of a round hay bale in field at Pittodrie house hotel
bride and groom kiss at golden hour at Pittodrie house hotel
A bride and groom walk up a long and winding road at Drumtochty Castle
Through a door a bride with red hair gets ready and fans herself
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