How to prepare for your pre-wedding photography

So you’re a bit unsure about the Pre wedding shoot and what it entails? First off, I offer a complimentary Pre wedding shoot, as it's a great way for us to get to know each other a little better. I guarantee you will come away with a lot more confidence and you’ll definitely feel a lot more pumped and excited for the big day, knowing exactly what to expect. Just think of it as a walk in the woods, or wherever it may be, with a friend.

Where to do them

Usually I do Pre wedding shoots around Aberdeen, where we are pretty spoilt for choice, but sometimes further afield if its somewhere pretty special. I usually give you the choice if you have somewhere special in mind, but I'm happy to make suggestions. We’ve got it all; woods, beaches, coves, parks and if you're keen... urban backdrops! I recently did the photography for Nuart Aberdeen, so we could take a little trip around some awesome murals.

What to wear

I always say wear something that you would if you were going out for a nice lunch. Smart casual is the hip saying I believe. Don’t be afraid to get dolled up for your pre wedding shoot, if you dress up you're going to feel good and that’s a good start. Your photos will stand out if you make the effort. Colourful dresses, smart jackets, hats, scarfs... I’ve even had couples bring their rollerblades. Nice colours always pop if you're in the woods etc. Most importantly, wear what you like and feel comfortable in. Always good to coordinate colours that compliment each other etc.

Bring a change of clothes if you like. If you wear a jacket to start with, just by taking this off can give a good variety of different looks.

What about the weather

If I’m honest, I don't really check the weather before Pre wedding Shoots, the reports can be pretty useless in Scotland. If it's absolutely bucketing it down... then lets brave it! Definitely come prepared though, there's always a chance of rain. Umbrellas and boots in the car never go a miss.

How long do they take

Anywhere from a half hour to an hour is more than enough time. Plenty time to get caught up and hear a bit more about your day.

Children and Pooches

They say never work with these guys, but hey, they’re part of the family! They always make it fun so why not. You could always bring them along for the first part of the session, You could always bring someone along for the first part of the session, then when they've had enough of the camera we can continue to get some nice ones of the two of you. If you trust your dog off the leash for a while, that’s perfect.

Feeling Awkward

Don’t worry about this. In my experience it’s the people who feel the most awkward that I end up having proper laughs with and get epic photos of. Just be yourselves and I promise you’ll be fine. I don’t take myself too seriously, so it will be a very relaxed experience.

Relax, you've got this

I've seen couples petrified in the first 5 mins, but that always changes. You'll be goofing around and getting beautiful pics in no time.