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Wedding at The Barn at Barra

A micro wedding at The Barn at Barra doesn't mean a micro amount of photos. I treat micro weddings as if they were full weddings, I still want to give a full story in a small amount of time. Only a few hours in this case, but we still managed to get all the things you would expect. A little prep, details, ceremony and group shots, you name it!

Big thanks to my guest blogger Rachel from for writing this blog. She didn't make the wedding in person but attended as bridesmaid on the big screen/projector.


Jennifer and Dave's love story started when Dave convinced Jennifer that the J in his middle name stood for 'Jebediah'.

During one of their first dates, he convinced Jennifer that he was from an Amish family, hence the name. Not to keep Jennifer in the dark, he revealed later that day he had been joking, much to Jennifer's amusement.

A shared sensed of humour is just one of their attributes, that makes them a great couple.

If you were at the wedding, you may recognise me as 'the girl on the screen'. I was Jennifer's Bridesmaid, but due to COVID rules, and that I live in the United States, I had to attend by zoom.  Not to miss out on anything, I got projected onto the wall during the speeches.

I (Rachel Gordon) caught up with Jennifer and Dave recently to talk all things wedding.

'Above all relaxed, we had been to some weddings in the past where the schedule seemed very regimented and formal. We wanted to make sure that people felt at ease.'

'Our original pre-covid plans were to have a festival themed wedding. With our smaller micro wedding, we were still trying to fit in with that. We would ask our suppliers for idea's. We talked to our florist, who came up with a natural festival idea. We remember being in her kitchen, and discussing what we would want, right then and there she made a beautiful flower piece out of what she had. Our suppliers took our ideas and ran with them, which we loved.'

Trina (Trina's Art and Flowers) adorned the room with the most amazing flower decorations, and decorated the tables with springlike flowers, making sure to incorporate the Balvenie bottles that Jennifer and Dave wanted to include. This was a nod to her grandfather, who grew the barley for the whisky. During the vows, a dram of Balvenie was distributed amongst the guests. Once Dave and Jennifer were pronounced husband and wife, the guests raised a glass to the newly married couple. Jennifer and Dave, had a special quaich, which they shared as their first toast as husband and wife. An extremely special way to honour her grandfather.

Obviously Covid through a spanner in the works of Dave and Jen’s wedding, but determined not to give up on their special day, they decided to have a micro wedding, and then on the first year anniversary to have a bigger celebration. One of the issues was whether I would make it (obviously the most pressing problem!), but due to the wonders of modern technology, I was able to be there through zoom. This meant I was able to be there.

One of the other issues was that Jennifer’s gorgeous wedding shoes got destroyed, yet this was all in the name of fun. Clarke brought them into a field to take pictures, and I’m sure if you see the pictures, you will see it was all worth it. Jennifer was also worried when she was about to walk down the aisle with the watering can of her flowers. Thankfully, Trina (Trina's Art and Flowers) took this off her hands.

Their day in May, was a special intimate occasion, with many nods to those who Jen and Dave cared about, as well as a personal mark of who they are as a couple. From the whisky, local suppliers and very familiar back drop of Bennachie, to the cuff links of Nick Cage that Dave gave to his brother, this was a wedding that was undeniably them.

‘Really good fun! We had initial concerns over whether it would be awkward, but Clarke squashed them immediately. It was like having one of your best friends with you, we felt so relaxed.

We would say if your photographer asks you to do something different, do it, it comes out amazing. We loved how a lot of the pictures were candid and natural. He captured so much happiness!’

No, Clarke’s ideas were great, and we felt so relaxed with him. He knew what to say to put us at ease.

Jennifer and Dave described how, after the ceremony, Clarke took them away for their couple photos. It was a great time for them to really relish the moment, as most of the day they would be surrounded by other people. They described this time as invaluable.

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