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Top Tips Guide

Don't be afraid to ask

Personal touches

Don’t rush your reception

Myself and Doug will be on hand to help you with absolutely anything! All of your other vendors are there to help too, so just ask. We’ve honestly done it all, so don’t be shy.

Do as many of the small things as you can, they make the day so much more personal. Whether it’s bottles with candles, fairy lights, a painted wooden pallet, you don’t need to be super crafty. Some basic DIY decorations can make all the difference.

Give yourself plenty of time between the ceremony finishing and the call for dinner. This is a hectic time... canapés, mingling, group photos and your photos. You don’t want it to fly by. Allow time to enjoy the party without it feeling rushed. 2.5hrs or more seems to be the sweet spot.

Bring the essentials

Dont skimp on the confetti

Time to get dressed

No, not just alcohol! I’m talking safety pins, cotton buds and of course tissues! These are like gold dust at weddings. Whether it’s for the dress or forgotten cuff links they have a million good uses.

The more the better! Often there's not enough. Buy double what you think you'll need. Bear in mind, most venues want you to use biodegradable. If you want to go out with a bang and a good pop of colour, then check out Amazons confetti canons!

Set yourself a goal of when this is happening. There’s nothing worse than feeling rushed to the alter. Give yourself time, so you can have a breather, before you say the I do’s. Have that last pop of Prosecco and relax with the girls. Set the mood.


Eat what you like

Bring your comfy shoes

That’s what your bridesmaids and groomsmen are for. They’ll feel privileged to be asked or given roles and this in turn takes the load off you, giving you as little to do/worry about on the day as possible.

Don’t feel you have to please everybody. There’s nothing wrong with a 3 courser, but can you remember what you had at a wedding 5 years ago? Spit roasts, platters, make your own burgers, pizza, currys, buffets or even a Mexican theme. These are that sort of meals that won’t be forgot. So eat for you!

These can be a godsend later in the evening. Most of the time nobody would even know you’re wearing them! They can be so handy for getting about for photos and especially dancing time.

Save the prezzies

Iron shirts and steam dresses

Bring you

Most people like to give their squad a little something in the morning. Whether it’s jewellery, perfumes or hip flasks make sure and let us know. These always make fantastic pictures when you melt your friends hearts!

Don’t leave this until the morning! It’s the last thing you need on a busy morning. Especially when there’s a squad of you. These little things can set you behind... trust me. Instead, do them the day before so you're all set to go.

Photos don’t all have to be romantic, we will have plenty of those. We love to have a laugh though, so if there’s anything that shouts to you, even if it’s some props or something relating to who you are as a couple, bring them along. We’ll get creative.