Beautiful Marischal College Wedding Photography | Unique and Emotional

4 February 2022

Marischal college wedding venue is the perfect place for a no fuss, let’s just do it wedding. It takes the stress out of planning a big day and it’s kinder on the bank balance too. But that doesn’t mean it’s any less special.

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I really love small intimate Marischal College weddings and treat them exactly the same I would a larger wedding. Shooting candid and documentary style to make your unique story and gallery. The registry office is in the centre of one of Aberdeens most defining landmarks (and the uk’s for that matter). Marischal College's is also believed to be the second largest granite building in the world. Back in the 1960's my grandad worked on the roof constructing the steal beams which he was very proud of.

I’ll be working fast firstly to catch all the smaller moments and details so it’s not just a bunch of formal photos you have. But don't worry, in addition I’ll still make sure you have all the group shots you want. Once done we can concentrate on some beautiful relaxed portraits for yourselves. Marischal square lends plenty of scope to get creative with it's unique backdrops. Urban photography is without a doubt my favourite type too and this area has one of the best opportunities to do it. There’s amazing architecture all around this fantastic location. From the ancient college to the new Marischal square. An abundance of amazing hidden little areas around here make it such a great place to shoot.

If you've enjoyed what you've seen and want to take things a step further then just click below to chat. I can answer any questions you might have about Marischal College weddings and let you know my availability. Furthermore you are more than welcome to book a consultation or phone call as I would love to chat and hear about the plans for your wedding day.

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