Meet Doug

What can I say about Doug...

Doug’s not just what I’d call a second shooter, he’s an integral part of the team. An excellent photographer with an extraordinary eye for detail and a good friend. He’s an all round great guy who has saved the groom's day too many times to count, whether it's fixing the groom's attire (or the whole party's for that matter), or solving

small problems which might have led to meltdowns on the day!

He always keeps my head screwed on and makes sure I remember to pick things up I’ve clumsily forgotten about. I’m pretty sure I’d have no equipment left if it wasn’t for him.

He loves all things America, with numerous trips to the States under his belt. He will of tried all the newest sweet or snacks before you even knew they existed. Spending his spare time getting stuck into games of all types and if the cigars are on the go don’t leave him out!

Oh and he's "mildly" terrified of butterflies!

If there's chocolate brownies or ice cream at the wedding, you may have a new best friend