Best wedding photos 2021

2021 was an absolute blast of a year and so I’ve made a collection of some of my favourites here. Pulling a couple from each wedding/pre-wedding was a near impossible task, but I got there. I’ve limited them to mostly portraits and plan to do a separate post for candids, dancing and details.

Myself and Doug had so much fun meeting and making a bunch of new friends along the way. Helping them make the memories of a lifetime and not just memories for them but for ourselves also. We absolutely love getting creative and having fun with awesome people to give you the wedding photography experience you deserve. Our mission is to photograph all kinds of amazing couples and shooting your wedding day your way!

No matter which photographers photos you fall for my biggest advice is alway arrange to meet up in some way. Connecting with someone you feel relaxed with makes all the difference when it comes to creating fun and beautiful wedding photos. You want to have people around that feel like friends and that’s our goal, to have as much fun as you.

I’m so grateful to all the couples who chose us to be part of their journey. All the amazing feedback and reviews we received are what make this the best and most rewarding job in the world. Thank you doesn’t cut it for all the support and good times we’ve had with great people.

I’m excited for all the new couples we’ve yet to meet. Roll on the party times!

Best wedding photos 2021

WOW! You made it this far, well I hope you enjoyed some of my best wedding photos 2021.

I’d love to hear a bit more about your wedding day plans if you are keen to talk.

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