Schivas Steading Wedding

Schivas steading wedding venue was one of the most eagerly anticipated Venues in the making. Getting my first chance to shoot there this summer I was not disappointed! its an absolute gem and has the extra bonus of Schivas house just down the road which is stunning for photos.

Spending the day with Sammi, Stewart, their amazing bride-squad and troops was a day we won't forget in a while.

A bride cracks open a bottle of Prosecco as she laughs with her bridesmaids
The Schivas steading, Ellon, Aberdeenshire
close up of a bottle of Prosecco being poured into a glass by a bridesmaid wearing a pink gown
two clear wedding balloons with pink balloons inside them
A menu of cocktails is in a white photo frame beside jars with coloured straws
The upstairs of Schivas steading all set out for the wedding breakfast

How was a Schivas Steading Wedding?

So we got married at the new Schivas steading, and she certainly didn’t disappoint! A beautifully constructed steading conversion over two floors with a glazed curtain window at the top end with Stunning views for miles over the north east countryside. Honestly I had my heart set on it from day one even when it was only a plan on paper and a building site! We were so lucky that with our venue we also got Nicola ( Schivas estate manager). She is just a lovely person inside and out! Without her we couldn't have planned the belter of a day that we had thanks to all her ideas and recommendations!

Bridesmaids all look adoringly at their dresses hung on a wooden door
The groom greets guests outside the Schivas Steading in Ellon, Aberdeenshire
close up of the back of the bride as she gets the buttons on her wedding dress done
Guests greet each other outside the Schivas Steading in Ellon, Aberdeenshire
A bridal bouquet sits on the wooden top table

Favourite Part of the Day

We literally couldn’t fault the day from start to finish! Honestly, it was just the best day!! Our Shivas steading wedding was brilliant and very personal to us! Walking out of the venue after the wedding ceremony we got to spend a few moments alone. It was just the two of us for a few seconds and a beautiful moment that we will never forget! Then the party started which I wish never ended! Would do it all over again in a heartbeat

The bride swirls her dress around
Group photo of the bride and her bridesmaid's in the accommodation at Schivas steading
Dad walks his beautiful daughter down the aisle where her husband to be waits
The light pours in the large window of the Schivas Steading as the bride and groom share their first kiss
The groom and his bride walk down a confetti line outside The Schivas Steading
A bride veil blows as she stands outside the Schivas Steading with her husband

Funny Stories

So the flowers arrived but I’d completely misread the quote from the florist and I was missing a buttonhole for the groomsman. My florist was a trooper tho and made an extra one up in seconds using some flowers from my top table spray wich you would never have noticed! I also remember that one of the catering staff got stuck in the lift.. they ended up having to crowbar him out in the end..

a candid moment of a lady laughing, wearing a floral dress and blue hat
A child with a cheeky look on their face presses their face up against a window
The bride and groom swig Champagne in from of a white Land Rover
The Bride and groom stand on either side of the metal gate of Schivas House

Setting the Shivas Steading Wedding Vibe

We wanted a rustic relaxed feel and I think we achieved it quite well! I let the venue do most of the talking for itself and had very minimal decor. We used Ivy and ruscus leaves on the tables and made my own center pieces using a hexagon wooden mirror with some wee tealight candle holders with little cocktail bottles. The table names were named after famous yummy cocktails. Very simple ideas but they looked cute and weren’t too expensive.

The band was also awesome by the way, the big papas feel free to check them out.

A wide shot of The Bride and groom standing on either side of the metal gate of Schivas House
Newlyweds walk and hold hands in the courtyard at Schivas House
Newlyweds snuggle up in the courtyard at Schivas House
A wide shot of the bride and groom at the pond at Schivas House, Ellon, Aberdeenshire
A wide shot of the bride and groom walking past Schivas House, Ellon, Aberdeenshire
A bride and groom hold hands walking across the bride with Schivas House in the background

Inspiration for the Day

Pinterest is your friend! If you haven’t already been looking through it since the second you got engaged download it now! I got all my wedding inspiration from that app Also we were so lucky to have Nicola at Schivas! We both had a similar vibe from the minute we met so I knew we’d get on! She recommended some great suppliers including Clarke (whom I’d already met and who had been recommended to me by some family friends). Rustic was the vibe I was going for, with pink/ purples for the flowers and bridesmaids.

a groom and bride stand on a jetty at the side of a pond at Schivas House
A Bride and groom pose for photos in the walled garden of Schivas House
A Bride and groom kisss in the walled garden of Schivas House
A Bride and groom pose for photos in the walled garden of Schivas House, Aberdeenshire
A Bride and groom kiss, surrounded by Flowers in the walled garden of Schivas House

Favourite Photos

Oh man, there’s so many great ones! I love the big group ones with all our guests outside the venue cheering! I love the one of us standing on the staircase looking up towards the guest before we get piped into the meal. It’s a lovely natural one of us both looking so happy! I loved pretty much every photo we took down at Schivas house. There’s a good mixture of funny ones playing football and on the swing etc. To the gorgeous ones of us on the wee jetty looking over the lake! One of us on the grounds of the house with us leaning against a wall and looking at each other. It’s a great one! All the ones of us laughing, it really captures how much fun we had at our Schivas steading wedding.

A Bride and groom walk and laugh in the walled garden of Schivas House
A Bride and groom hold each other in the walled garden of Schivas House
A Bride and groom walking in the walled garden of Schivas House
A Bride and groom kiss under a tree in the walled garden of Schivas House

If you Could go back and do it all Again

I honestly wouldn’t change a thing we had the best day! Just enjoy your day, you will only have one day so make sure you enjoy it from start to finish. Yeah, little things might go wrong here or there but honestly your guests won’t notice unless you let them! Make sure you have a seating plan for the venue or caterers- I was a tad latchy with mine but it all came together in the end. Looking back on my photos and video I’d recommend you get both a video and photographer. It’s worth it for all the memories). I was beaming haha, literally nothing was wiping that smile off my face the entire day!

The bride and groom stand in an archway of Schivas house beside a turret with pink flowers growing on it
The groom pushes his wife on a swing that's hanging from a tree
all the guests at the front of Schivas Steading
Father of the bride greets the groom as enters the room for the speeches

Photography Experiance

We had so much fun with Clarke and Doug! Honestly, I can’t thank them enough as they helped make our day as much as everyone else did! They follow you throughout in entire day so you do have to make sure you like the vibes of your photographers. I imagine if you didn’t enjoy their company you might not get as much out of the photography experience as we did! But with Clarke and Doug honestly, there’s nothing you could dislike!

Bride and groom walk through the county with beautiful meadows
the wedding rings and engagement ring lay on the corner of a rustic square flower pot
A candid authentic moment of a female wedding guest laughing
newlywed couple pretend to bite the top of their wedding cake
A bride twirls in front of the large Schivas Steading widow as the band play
Mother of the bride who is in a wheelchair, is in the middle of a crowed dance floor with her arms out in joy
Bridesmaids leap to catch the bouquet after it has been thrown

The Feels

They are so much fun and give off cool relaxing vibes! You have no idea they are actually taking your photos they feel like part of the day and more like your buddies! We were delighted with all our photos every single one tells a story of the moment they were taken! That’s all you want from your wedding photos is the beautiful memories and that’s what Clarke and Doug do best!

Thinking of booking Schivas Steading for your Wedding

If you like our style I would love to hear from you. We love nothing better than working with awesome couples who know how to have a good time. So hit me up for some more info and availability.