Rachel and Greig's Pittodrie House Wedding

Pittodrie House weddings are by far one of my most popular jobs, especially in autumn. Doug and I even considered staying a couple nights as we were there 6 times throughout September and October and luckily so. Chapel of Garioch's Pittodrie house grounds are nothing short of spectacular at that time of year with all the rich colours. They'd probably seen enough of us I thought so I spared them that torture! Fun times though as I would arrive in the morning only to see my couples from the previous day checking out and getting a good catch up on how the party ended.

Managing to catch up with Rachel and Greig I asked them a few questions and requested any tips that might help you on your way.

two wedding rings sit on top of a plant
a low perspective of Pittodrie House wedding venue
bride sits in a chair at the window as she gets her final touches of make up
bride get her make up done in window light
over the shoulder shot of a groom adjusting his tie in the mirror

A Purple Dream: Rachel and Greig's Pittodrie House Wedding

"Pittodrie house hotel was amazing, the staff made the day flow so well and kept us both right, I didn’t have to worry! I got to relax and enjoy my day. The minute we picked Pittodrie House I knew I didn’t need to do much as the venue is beautiful! So my inspiration was simple but beautiful! Also my favourite colour is purple so that was in there”

Bride admires her dress
Groom and groomsmen get their picture taken outside Pittorie House wedding venue
groom greets guest in from of Pittodrie House hotel
groom takes a shot outside the front doors of Pittorie House Hotel

Favourite Moments From Your Pittodrie House Wedding?

'Confetti line up - It was so much fun and everyone understood the assignment! Evening Time- everyone was just having so much fun dancing and singing! Bridal squad photos with confetti - was so original and so much fun!'

I absolutely loved hearing this as it's one of our favourite things to organise, there's just so much joy, action and colour in them. One of the best picture opportunities of the day.

bride waits anxiously as its almost time to get married
father and bridesmaids get their first look of the bride and they all look amazed
father walks his daughter down the aisle
celebrant conducts the wedding at Pittodrie House hotel, Aberdeenshire
Groom places a wedding ring on his wife's hand

If you Could go Back and do it all Again What Advice Would you Give?

"Well the biggest advice would be don’t worry, the people who are helping make your day special do it all the time. They know what they are doing! Also take time to look around and see everyone enjoy themselves, you won’t manage to talk to everyone but don’t worry! That's why we did a line up for this reason and I’m so grateful we did."

Colourful confetti is thrown as the couple walk out of Pittodrie House Hotel
Colourful confetti is thrown as the couple kiss outside of Pittodrie House wedding venue, Aberdeen
a guest congratulates the groom after the ceremony

Behind the Lens

"I don’t think I will ever tire of my guests telling me that they just loved the photographers - they honestly felt like guests! We're both not huge fans of getting our pics taken but going away and getting our portrait photos was so chilled, it wasn’t awkward at all! From our morning prep, it was all fun and games and so accommodating. Honestly, we couldn’t/wouldn’t have any other photographers to capture any life events!"

Candid moments as the guests mingle in the orangery at Pittodrie House Hotel, Aberdeenshire
A Candid moment of a lady with blonde hair laughing in the orangery at Pittodrie House Hotel, Aberdeenshire
Wedding Photographer takes a large group photo of all the guests at Macdonald Pittodrie House

Joy, Laughter, and Sunset Kisses: Rachel and Greig's Pittodrie House Wedding

"No way I can pick my favourite photo, but I have a few! The confetti shot of us twirling with Bennachie behind us is a fav. But also the bridal party and confetti shots, the picture of us kissing with the sunset. It’s SO hard to choose!"

"Myself and Grieg can't thank both of you enough for being part of our big day"

a bride and groom Kiss as the sun goes down over Pittorie House Hotel
a wide perspective of Pittodrie House hotel with a bride and groom standing on some steps
Bride gets spun by husband on the lawn of Pittodrie house

How were Your Suppliers

"Flowers, I don’t know ANYTHING about flowers! Basically I gave my florist my theme and left her to it and the flowers were amazing!!My hairdresser was one of my closest friends and I’m so grateful she was doing my hair. She did all the girls hair whilst getting to be a guest as well!"

Newlyweds pose for photo at the main doors of Pittodrie House Hotel, Aberdeenshire
Married Couple pose for photo at the main doors of Pittodrie House Hotel, Aberdeenshire
Newlyweds kiss at the main doors of Pittodrie House Hotel, Aberdeenshire

What did you Gift Your Bridal Party?

Bride squad girls got their jewelry from Etsy, personalised flip flops, pj's, and thank you cards. Grieg and the boys got their kilt pins from Kilts wi hae, they also had personalised pendants from Etsy of family members who are no longer with us - which was a surprise to the groom also!


With Favours, we did a little candle and a matchbox that said ‘Our love is a match’ as we met on Tinder! Our centre pieces were gin bottles because that’s our favourite drink!

Lady in green dress laughs at a wedding speech
A gyest wolf whistles as the bride and groom arrive to the reception
A bridesmaid wearing a purple dress smiles as she gives a speech

Love, Laughter, and Unexpected Surprises

"My toenail coming off and being glued back on was a bit of a surprise and people thought my usher forgot the rings. Also, our walk-in song for the reception didn’t play!"

Rachel and Greig weren't alone with the music not playing, there's a common theme with this one. Someone always seems to have the pressure of this and so many things can go wrong with a phone, Batteries, Wi-fi, etc. Maybe get them to do a few practices and make sure their phones are juiced up.

Candid shot of a father with his son on his back laughing
A bride and groom kiss whilst they have their first dance at Pittodrie House hotel
The bride throws her arms up in the air as she cuts the cake

Navigating Wedding Planning with Grace

"Covid for sure was the hardest part and you just didn’t know what to expect but it was out of our control. Although we just went with it and we’re lucky to get our original day! Hmm, the fact that Greig helped me for about 10% of our Pittodrie House Wedding planning haha!"

Easily the most common answer for this recently but hopefully all you upcoming couples won't have to worry too much about this. Fingers crossed!

Two ladies dance and sing on the dancefloor at Pittodrie House hotel
Documentary style shot of a father kisses his young daughter on the dance floor
a close up shot of Pac-man suit and tie
A flower girl is swung around on the dance floor
a guest throws his hands up in the air whilst the music is playing