Your Wedding

I know all too well how every wedding is awesomely different but here is a rough idea of how your day will go. All shot candidly as it happens. Myself & Doug bring our friendly personality's so it will never feel anything less than relaxed

Bride Prep

We arrive on scene, nice and early, to capture all the preparations and giggles in between. We work with a friendly and relaxed attitude and are on hand to help with anything you need... Dad can't figure out the straps on his kilt or how to tie his tie? We're there!

Groom Prep

Some people think it's all about the bride, but this is your big day too and we will be there to capture all the moments as you get ready. Need help with a waist coat or getting a flower pinned on without feeling like a voodoo doll, we've got you. There's usually time for a few quick group shots with the boys too.


We capture all the details, no matter how big or small. They are an integral part of the day and tell the stories of a wedding coming together.


When it comes time to say 'I Do', we will make every effort to blend in to the background and discretely capture all of your precious moments. If anyone sheds tears or bursts in to grins of joy that can't be hidden... We'll get it!

Group Shots

The group shots are an essential part of the wedding, Mums and Nans love them! Choose a few smaller groups of guests to have photographs taken with and we will efficiently capture these, allowing everyone to promptly return to the celebrations. Why not also get a big group photo with everyone, as you have them all together for the day?

Couple Shots

We don't like to take you away for too long, but give us time to bag those amazing shots of just the two of you. We'll keep going if you are enjoying yourselves, but allocate at least half an hour and you wont regret it.


By far our favourite photographs of a wedding. 90% of your day we will be capturing the natural moments that unfold documentary style, all the laughter and goings on that you might have missed.


A great part of the day that's always filled with laughter and emotion, providing us with the perfect opportunity to capture all of your guest's outbursts and reactions.


We always stay long enough to capture the first dance and a few more, ensuring we get photographs of all your guests getting on down. Shocking dance moves optional, but appreciated!


Try adding a spash of quirkiness to the mix. If we see an opportunity for a little fun, we will be all over it!

Look forward to hearing from you